Hima seafood
It takes a certain amount of darkness to see the stars.
In a valley in Telemark, its pitch-black 5 months a year.
Here, tall mountains protect the deep crystal-clear waters.
This is the birthplace of a real seafood superstar.

The word hima is used to describe a thin layer covering something, like a thin veil of fog. Hima is a thin protecting cover creating a certain atmosphere, like the mist covering the river, or the mountains surrounding the valley of Rjukan.

The world’s largest land-based trout farm

At Rjukan, Hima is going to establish a land-based trout farm based on recirculation technology, also known as RAS. This technology is the most sustainable, scalable and environmentally conscious form of aquaculture production available today. When the facility is completed and fully operational, it will produce about 9,000 tonnes of trout, which is equivalent to 22,000,000 dinners per year. This will, by far, be the world’s largest land-based trout farm in the World.

From a fish farming perspective, trout is a robust fish that grows quickly and thrives well in fresh water. Production time is estimated at 17 months from fry to an ideal average weight of around 4 kg. Hima Seafood has entered into a collaboration with Osland Havbruk AS for roe deliveries to the facility. The trout strain to be used in Rjukan is the Osland strain, which Osland has developed since 1963.

Furthermore, Hima has entered into a partnership with Villa Seafood, which is responsible for the sale, distribution, processing and branding of the finished trout product. The fish farm manager at Hima has 40 years of experience in farming salmon and trout, and significant RAS experience.

Construction of the fish farm is scheduled to begin in May 2021.


Trout farm will use waste heat from data center

Green Mountain and Hima Seafood have entered into an agreement on the reuse of waste heat from the data center.

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Best on branding and best on fish

KIND develops the brand for the world's largest land-based trout facility

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Telemark Trout

The Hima trout that is being developed will be a premium product, originating from the unique Osland trout strain from Høyanger in the Sognefjord.

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The perfect place for a trout to thrive

Hima Seafood's mission is to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable trout using modern technology and clean mountain water.

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The future of aquaculture

The RAS technology provided by the RAS specialists EYVI means that large quantities of fish can be produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

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There must be something in the water

The water is naturally filtered through thick moraine masses, which is optimal in terms of achieving the best fish taste.

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Our people

The Hima Team

Sten Falkum
Extensive experience from aquaculture technology companies, and a wide range of management and board positions. MSc in Finance.
Kristian Sjuve
Formerly CFO of Komplett Bank, Head of Treasury Santander Consumer Bank, Corporate Finance Pareto Securities.  
Joe McElwee
Fish Farming Manager
40 years of experience in the fish salmon & trout industry, from smolt to grow-out. Significant experience in design and operations of RAS facilities.
Preben Asbjørnrød
Technical Manager and Client Manager
CEO at ProVerdi. Project advisor to Handelsbanken. Various senior project coordinator roles.
Carl-Ivar Holmen
Business development
Founder of Salmofarms, MBA from BI Norwegian
Business School. MSc from Uni. of Oregon
Knut Hofseth
Production consultant
20 years of experience from RAS technology and
seabased aquaculture production.