The perfect place for a trout to thrive.

Land-based fish farming with fresh mountain water is a very environmentally friendly way of farming trout. Hima Seafood's mission is to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable trout using modern technology and clean mountain water. We have a strong focus on fish welfare, and we work with specific solutions to utilise by-products from the facility such as sludge, silage and fish trimmings.

Land-based fish farming has a number of environmental benefits:

  • Reduced carbon footprint and reduced effect on local biology
  • No pollution of the local environment (e.g. emissions of hazardous substances or copper)
  • No danger of the fish escaping
  • No risk of sealice and algea in the fish production
  • Full control over all production, stability of the biomass and full control of water and emissions
  • The best recycling system for aquaculture, which provides fresh, clean and tasty trout full of good proteins
  • Stable growth conditions inside a closed system regardless of weather conditions